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Anonymous asked:
Considering the thing I just saw (theeyesdontworktheeyesdontworkgetmum) is there is reason you did not make the evil villain a magpie?

LOL, right???

(Because magpies are only evil in Spring and the Nightingale is evil all the time.)

Rise of the Guardians - Shadows and Light fanfic - Jack’s letter fanfic (a fanfic of a fanfic)


Whoopsie doopsie I have school work to do but my hand slipped and I accidentally made a fanfic of a fanfic. This is my short fanfic for Not Poignant's Shadows and Light series, which in itself is a fanfic of Rise of the Guardians, ahaha.

Jack’s letter

Jack is about to face the Nightmare King in a battle to get Pitch back. His resolve to do this has led him to formulate terrible plans together with Gwyn, King of Seelie Fae. Jack is dying, but before he probably dies horribly in battle against the shadows, he writes a final letter to the love of his long life - his Pitch Black, who he hopes to save from the shadows once and for all.

This fic was like a sledgehammer to the feels.
Go read it.

5 random things about me. (I was tagged by the epic sulamoon)

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"3. A Broken Feather, Straightened" Optional? Uh no. Necessary to my existence, more like.

Ahahaha, well you know I think none of it is optional if you ask me *grins* - but for the people who are like really intimidated by high wordcounts, I want to sort of remind them that like, no, you really don’t have to read about Augus boning the Raven Prince if you don’t want to.


Anonymous asked:
I was thinking earlier and remember something you had mentioned before. Didn't you once talk about doing a triple crown hooker au? called hard edges or something? What happened to that? (I am curious.)

It’s on a sort of long term hiatus, but it’s definitely not forgotten.

I mean there’s a solid 10 pages of just worldbuilding / scene ideas and so on alone. It will be a novel when I start it, which is why it’s currently on the backburner. And yes, it’s called Hard Edges! I mean, it has its own Spotify playlist, heh. It’s definitely coming one of these days.

To be honest, at some point, I’d really love to be able to release a run of ‘Fae Tales AUs’ as ebooks - along with like The Wildness Within and possibly Spoils of the Spoiled (there’s age issues with that one) - but if I do that, Hard Edges is slated on that release.

I made some big calls lately about my writing priorities (with so many projects on the go and so many ideas, I really just have to be very discerning about what I choose to work on, and when) - Hard Edges is tentatively hall-marked to be commenced at the end of The Wildness Within and Spoils of the Spoiled. 

So many projects! :D The good news is, it means I’m never lacking for ideas. But no, it’s definitely not forgotten! It has its own folder and everything, and I go back into it on a semi-regular basis and think things like ‘HM YES I REALLY NEED TO WRITE MILITARY GWYN BEING PWNED BY ESCORTS ASH AND AUGUS. STAT.’

Chapter 11 - Surrender - of The Court of Five Thrones is up!!


No new official tags, but I should say this is essentially 5000 words of post-battle sex, and it does have a brief mention of past suicidal ideation. We’re also heading into some heavy content in the next chapter, as well as aftercare because we all need it after how these two have been behaving lately.

CHAPTER 11 - Surrender - IS HERE AT AO3


Remember, feedback is love! <3


Also, want to support my original writing? Consider reading up on The Fae Tales Verse and pledging at my Patreon account - everything you need to know about how that works, is right there.


Reblogging for the ‘approximately 12-14 hours later’ crowd.

-flails- Oh good god that was good! ^^ And you’ve brought in the drowning! Poor Gwyn. :)

Not necessarily poor Gwyn! I think he needs the experience more than most of us need to read about the experience. And Augus knows what he’s doing, he’s done it to Court-and-higher clients before. Like, that doesn’t mean it won’t be difficult to read (especially for some people), but I would argue that there are far more challenging chapters in Game Theory in terms of content (like Liver, Hunt, Retaliation and more) - but you’ll see when you read it; it’s not a call I can make! But ahhh, yeah, Gwyn responds favourably to things most people would be like ‘wtf NO’ to.

Anonymous asked:
So you have two tumblrs now but...what will be difference between them??

Best to do it this way:

Not-Poignant Tumblr: All chapter update announcements, all fandom and fanfiction discussion, all the ‘Ask the Fae’ sessions, all general whining about writing posts and life and health updates, all fanart/fanmusic/cosplay/etc. reblogs, all fandom asks relating to story / spoilers / characters. All personal asks. Memes. I.e. This one remains the active Tumblr.

Pia Foxhall Tumblr: Official announcement of any book and e-book releases. Selected fanart reblogging (I’ve queued up some stuff, but once that’s done, there won’t be anymore fanart reblogging for a while I expect). Aaand otherwise I’m not sure yet. Very occasional thoughts on the fanfiction and writing industry. Fae Tales masterposts. This one will mostly be dormant until I do actually have any book / e-book releases to announce.


I need a more ‘official writerly Tumblr’ because I’m not publishing books under the name ‘not-poignant’ - and I’d like for people to associate the name primarily with original fiction (fae tales, specifically), whereas there are still a lot of people who associate not-poignant primarily with fanfiction, which is understandable, because you know, that’s primarily what I used to write under that name.

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