Actually A Little Bit Poignant
Chapter 14 of Strange Sights is UP!

It’s dropped early, woot! *rolls around happily*

This one has no new tags except for ‘violence,’ and I present the second last chapter, winding up towards a happy / hopeful ending.

I hope you all enjoy it! We got a lot more into the psyche of the Glashtyn here - that dark predator that hides behind a lot of Ash’s cheerfulness and gregariousness.

He’s not a nice guy.

Chapter 14 @ AO3 

I’m on a new medication (amongst all the others) that I’m increasing the dosage of tonight, and it has a morning sedative effect upon the initial increase, so I don’t really like my chances of waking up early enough to put up the Strange Sights chapter.

As a result, I’ll be putting it up this evening (varying degrees of Friday morning for most in the northern hemisphere) - probably in about five or so hours.

I also have another chapter of An Abandoned Blue Sky coming, in the next couple of days. :)

Is this why Gwyn is so unable to survive? Because he just *wants* to like… die for his sins? Or is it something else?

Gwyn’s survival instincts post his demotion were definitely very affected by his deathwish. He just consistently didn’t make very smart decisions; though I think the shock of the demotion alongside being hunted probably compounded his new, heightened fears and predisposed him to that.

But, all his life, Gwyn has been making decisions that put him in the line of fire. On the battle and off of it. His greatest sins - as far as he’s concerned, were committed long, long ago. And to his mind, he just keeps adding to them. Gwyn’s certainty that he is…not worth living, is so deeply entrenched. So yeah, there’s definitely a big ‘dying for one’s sins’ going along with some of Gwyn’s deepest issues, unfortunately.

Gwyn full on raped Augus and it seems like neither one has gotten over it since they bring it up. Can they even have a relationship born from that? I really want to like Gwyn but I'm uneasy about him since he thought it was okay to rape someone.

Ooo, I have a lot of thoughts on this subject, it turns out:

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Are the messed up meridians in Augus that Fluri/Fluri's granddaughter talked about caused by the Nightingale?

Spoilers under the cut.

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Oh my gosh I *love* it when the Unseelie fight like show off's. Like 'lets who has the biggest talk and can puff out their chest the most - oh no there isn't *actual* fighting' ehehe

They remind me of like giant birds of paradise or peacocks showing off their feathers to each other, like ‘LOOK AT ME, I’M SO FIERCE’ ‘WELL ME TOO’ ‘BETTER NOT FIGHT THEN.’

They externalise a lot more of their ‘animal kingdom’ connection. Whereas the Seelie tend to repress a lot more of it. I suppose Seelie are a bit more transcendant and the Unseelie are a bit more immanent.

It’s one of my favourite things to write. ‘Here we go, the Unseelie are puffing up again oh wait now it’s just a civil conversation.’ Gwyn just witnesses it all like ‘ohhhhkay.’

So, in Chapter 3 of COFT, it talk about things that were exposed too long to underworld magic were often permanently affected or something. It kinda concerned me because... not only did Ash have underworld creatures *in* him for a period of time

2/2 but in GT it also said he frequently visited the space where Augus was demoted, and there was that creepy underworld thing feeding off him :/


Ash’s antagonism throughout The Court of Five Thrones is definitely exacerbated by his experience with the shadows. He’s a harder person overall. I think he even mentions it in Game Theory:

‘Shit, I’m stopping,’ Ash said. ‘Fuck. I’m sorry. I’m working this out too. I’m sorry. The shadows changed me. I’m not as tactful as I used to be. And I used to not-’

‘-Be very tactful in the first place,’ Augus finished. He tried to ignore the fact that they could both hear his breathing. He tried to calm himself. He didn’t like to think of that Display. ‘They changed you?’

‘I just find it harder to…stop myself. Easier to hunt. I hunt more now. Every three weeks at least.’


Although Gwyn didn’t specifically find that piece of underworld energy in the place where Augus was demoted (I think I said in an earlier paragraph that Gwyn finds that place and moves past it, only making minor changes, and then stumbles across the underworld energy elsewhere). But yeah, there’s definitely things going on with Ash - that sort of make him harsher and crueller than he normally would be.


Literally this part of the story is:

Augus watches Gwyn fight
Gwyn is in a berserker state
Augus gets such a boner that he nearly falls over

Augus hasn’t been this turned on such a long time it makes me laugh because like, he’s just…such a lovesick dork sometimes - but it’s always WHEN GWYN IS KILLING SHIT. 

Hi this might be a really silly question but if there ever was a live action movie for Into the Shadows We Fall which actors could you see playing the characters? Thanks for your time.

Oh man, I’m going to disappoint you anon and I’m sorry, but I don’t live cast my characters and I really struggle to do it - like, it’s not something I can easily do.

I’ve never sort of found actors that matched my images of Augus or Gwyn, or even Pitch or Jack (like I know there’s the obvious choices of Jude Law and Chris Pine, but to be honest - the *actors* don’t really match how I see them exactly; their voices are not their physicality to me). (*cough* Jude Law will always be that cute weepy single dad in The Holiday to me *cough*)

But maybe it’s a good thing I can’t cast them, because it means that people are free to come up with their own actors and perfect cast for the series. Just because it’s something I struggle to do personally, doesn’t mean it’s not something that others can’t enjoy doing. :D