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ALSO THAT SMILE fdslakjfdslakfjsa eyslk-fala-iustig you are AMAZING!!!

It has been far too long since I've heard about The Raven Prince. Far too long. Please, can we have a snippet or a fact about the Prince or featuring him? *makes doe eyes*

In his personal spaces, he has a habit of collecting logs and twigs and sticks (he’s a literal nester). Upon those logs and twigs and sticks, he often writes the languages and words and memories that he’s stolen from others.

Entire dead languages, words, phrases and stories taken from people’s minds end up displayed as beautiful but somewhat macabre trophies of his meals. He honours what he has taken, but not enough to give it back. They are scratched out in tiny, neat writing. Aging as the branches, twigs and logs age, turning his nests into confections of words and wood.

But he is the only one who sees them, because he doesn’t permit anyone to enter the space in which he sleeps.

Mss. Pia, I was wondering if you knew any types of myths specifically revolving around debts, debtors, mythological creatures collecting on debts and/or humans being suckered into working/dying/paying for debts owed to the supernatural. If not, do you know where I could find any bits of lore on the subject? Or is the subject matter way too broad to begin with...?

Oh man, the spectrum really is huge. Unfortunately, though, most of my fairytale reference books don’t have an encyclopedic listing for the word ‘debt’ or ‘fairy debts’ etc. But basically you can find it a lot. Though not precisely in the way you’re looking for, I think. It’s more like this:

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Me i so love LOVE LOVE doublea. Your writing style is something really special in this. I mean, you totally ROCK no matter what, but this is more poetic somehow. It reads like honey and sugar and sunshine. Thank you so much for providing us with such loveliness. ^_^

Glad you’re enjoying Strange Sights!

I have pulled out slightly more poetic prose in that story (though not in every chapter, it’s more common in the Ash perspectives, which was a conscious choice) - it’s good to know that some people are enjoying it! <3

Hey Pia! As always can't wait to love your stories because really, it's all a matter of reading then loving them ;) Hope you're getting everything you want done and you're enjoying the process!

Going a bit slower than I’d like, but I have 10+ pages of COFT plotline, which will translate pretty well into a tentative, loose chapter plan.

I’m going to be ready to start really digging into writing very soon, since everything is really coming together. I’m feeling a lot happier with the Terho / Nightingale storyline since writing a proper timeline for myself, and writing out their story in a fairytale format. :)

Life in general has been tough lately. But that’s nothing new; life seems to excel at it, and in the meantime I have angst to write about. *g*

I was re-reading ISWF (which I adore, by the way) and I just want to kidnap these characters and wrap them in fluffy blanket cocoons and protect them from the world (and maybe stick them in my boot and take them to therapy with me). Would you mind terribly?

No of course I wouldn’t mind! They could all do with an abundance of fluffy blanket cocoons.

I finished rereading S&L today and started GT again, and I've been thinking about how it's kinda important to know what Augus did to Jack, to give his horrible action a ~human face. At the same time, the fact of Jack's recovery helps forgive Augus/not to hate Augus as much (YMMV), even if Augus haven't had anything to do with the process. Anyway, if Terho's story is going to be different, how do you think it will change how we see Augus?

This is really interesting, and has given me a lot to think about. I hope you don’t mind me answering this publically, but I like your thoughts on this and I wanted to address them generally:

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The opening line for the Court of Five Thrones

The opening line for The Court of Five Thrones is under the cut…

Obviously spoilers, given it’s a single sentence.

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I am so excited to read about what you substituted the assault by Augus and Jack trying to get Pitch back.

There is still an assault scene, actually. But the motives are different, how far it went is altered, and Terho actually misremembers the specifics of what happened, leaving Augus as the only one who knows what actually happened.

But as Terho is still inextricably linked to the Nightingale (as you’ll see soon enough), and Augus was still taken hostage by the Nightingale, Augus has plenty of vindictive malice to turn towards Terho.

But some things will be altered, yes. I don’t plan on exploring that too much since I never really wanted a redemption narrative for Augus and I’m still not really interested in one (he did bad stuff, he’s far more interesting as an unapologetic character who regrets like one or two things - but not most of the things that people think he should regret - and who still has compassion for Gwyn and Ash).

As for Terho’s story - it’s radically different to Jack’s. I was actually surprised because I thought there would be more parallels, but the more I wrote Terho, the more I realised he was very much his own mouse-lad, with his own motives and desires and core character traits. 

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