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Please let yourself be proud of small things. Please do that. Please allow yourself to get really excited about playing a video game well or sending an ask you were nervous about or letting a bug outside or peeling the whole orange in one try. Please get so excited about that. Please. That’s so cool I’m so glad you did it.

Chapter 1/2 of THE CURSE (Crielle pov) is UP!

It’s here! Part 1/2 of a short story (not so short, okay) from Crielle’s perspective (Gwyn’s mother).

This is a Patreon Milestone Reward, and the character chosen for the short story was voted on by ofravenwings, so we have her, in part, to thank for the darknesses within. :D A massive thank you to all Patreon supporters <3

Title: THE CURSE (part 1)
Author: not-poignant / Pia Foxhall
Rating: Explicit (for gore/violence)
Pairing: Crielle ferch Fnwy/Lludd Llaw Eraint / Penarddun ferch Fnwy/Euroswydd
Tags: A fuckton, go check them out at the chapter. :D

Summary: Crielle ferch Fnwy is a common fae of Seelie Court status living under the An Fnwy curse, a distant magic that forces cruelty and horror into a bloodline of fae who are supposed to be good, honourable, virtuous citizens. Managing her darker proclivities with the reputation of goodness she is expected to present to the rest of the world is not easy, and she cannot do it alone.



Enjoy, feedback is love, and chapter two should come in the next week or so. :D

Wow Crielle is…interesting to write.

Hi Pia! Fae Tales has become the love of my life and I wanted to say thank you. c: I was wondering if you could tell us who exactly made up the Raven Prince's Inner Court? Or is that super-secret spoilery stuff? :D

That is ‘requires a lot of research and worldbuilding so I haven’t got it all worked out yet’ stuff. *blush*

However two members of his Inner Court are people we know:

Fluri - Master Mage (and mousemaiden) - Fluri was invited to the Raven Prince’s Inner Court very, very early. She was either the first member, or one of the first members. Diplomatic and compassionate, while still being practical (and even sometimes having a bit of a mean streak), the Raven Prince was friends with her even before he became King.

Augus Each Uisge - Diplomacy and Courtwork - Augus was originally ‘hired’ to be trained as a Courtier and in diplomatics though really that was a front for the Raven Prince just wanting him around as a decorative kind of…member of his Court. Though Augus did end up learning quite a few skills, he sort of learned what he wanted (i.e. learning stuff from Fluri, learning how to be a Courtier because it interested him, learning rapier, doing almost nothing diplomatic at all).

But there would’ve been at least 3-5 other members if his Inner Court. But yeah that’s a… ‘Pia hasn’t gotten that far.’ *rolls away in apology* We do know (or I know) that the Raven Prince was almost exclusively biased towards animal shifters at a time when great prejudice existed against having animal shifters in a Court and Inner Court setting. So they’ll prolly all be animal shifters.

One more thing, what color are Ash's eyes? ~Sims Anon

They are hazel! Brown/green. :)

So, i decided to attempt sims of Gwyn, Augus and Ash, and Gwyn keeps turning out baby faced and looking so damn innocent. Damnit, Gwyn, you're a tough war general and a king. Look like it!

Heh, why does it not surprise me that Gwyn is like, turning out all baby faced though? He’s so uncooperative. When I’m writing him, he’s never very helpful, it’s good to know he’s like that for others as well!

Ash Glashtyn — Character Study, Part 2

"His fingers had never been as long as Augus’, but his hands had always been bigger. Augus’ fingers were suited to plucking fragile berries from spring-ripened bushes. Ash’s were suited to clasping tree branches as he hurled himself up towards the best view. Now, they were very well suited to grasping thighs and pulling them apart." 


"Nothing about the body repulsed Ash, it never had. Armpits were warm, soft places. Vulnerable and sensitive. Humans rarely expected to be touched there, often had their own taboos about the space, but they were like the backs of knees, they spoke eloquently, and Ash wanted to lick at Augus’ sweat, breathe in the scent of him, tuck his head into his arm and side and tickle him to laughter, then caress him firmly until he moaned." Ash Glashtyn, Strange Sights(x)

Oh this is so lovely. So gorgeous. That gif of the horse though, that little head toss is so gorgeous. And I love that you included a reference to his wrestling, and so much of this is just asdklfjasf so epic and awesome.

Also I saw your tags - if you do one for Gwyn I will LOSE MY MIND.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *bounces*

A friend I met in Canada who was moving back to Aus wanted some souvenirs and started laughing when I suggested maple syrup or some carved wood. She said it wouldn’t get through customs. But you can’t go to Canada and not get maple syrup!

Maple syrup isn’t prohibited here, but it has to be explicitly declared, and if customs don’t like how it’s sealed they’ll seize and destroy it. Also, customs will probably check it and that does delay things a lot? Like I’ve had two or three parcels delayed by up to two/three months before just because that’s how long processing takes. In two cases they let everything through. In one case they seized like three of the four items, and let the last item through.

The carved wood though - Australia can be picky about that. We declared our wood items when coming back into the country, and some of it wasn’t allowed / got seized for incineration. It mostly depended on what country it came from and the quality / nature of the wood itself.

The quarantine is partly so strict because there are a lot of diseases in the world that literally don’t exist in Australia - we don’t have rabies (import/exporting animals for breeding here is also really prohibitive, which is why it’s really hard for purebreed enthusiasts to easily expand the gene pool here). We don’t have quite a few different borers the rest of the world has etc.

My parents have good friends in Canada and they regularly send ‘proper’ maple syrup (i.e. not flavoured) as well as maple syrup sugars and they often don’t even get checked - just get sent straight on through because they’re pre-sealed. But you just can’t tell how it’s gonna go.

We do kind of laugh a little bit about it. I had a friend once send me some dried / pressed plants from France and almost all of it got seized and destroyed; it made me so sad. I didn’t know they were sending it, so I couldn’t say ‘don’t, it might not get through’ - Australian customs, man.

Favourite Tropes and Nope Tropes

Favourite Tropes:

  •  UST / slowburn / slowmance - give me something that’s 200,000 words long and have the chemistry and tension there (or don’t, hey, have them hate each other at the beginning…that’s a great kind of chemistry too), but just…not yet. (Captive Prince comes to mind).
  • Woobification - This used to be a guilty pleasure trope but I really just don’t give a shit anymore. I like it, I know it’s not realistic, but sometimes it hits the spot. I love it more when assault / sexual assault is the path towards such an outcome. I can suspend disbelief pretty heavily on characterisation when reading woobification.
  • Dubcon / noncon / consent play - not reflective of reality at all, but so delicious to read; especially when warnings are able to be given (i.e. AO3) reminding everyone that these things are what they are and not reflective of healthy, human relationships.
  • Hurt/comfort - Torture them, take them hostage, put them through trauma, sexually assault them, I don’t care, but for the love of god put them with someone who’s going to take care of them afterwards; even if they’re terrible at it. Give me both.
  • Awkward sex - It doesn’t quite happen, all the lube in the world doesn’t make it possible, someone comes too early all the time, intermittent arousal, mouths that don’t taste great but like sour milk and coffee, the condom breaks and they have to think of something else, you name it - I love it. Sex, described realistically, complete with tissues to wipe up come and stains on jeans that can’t really be explained away…one of my favourite things to read (and write). (Though not so much in Fae Tales).

Nope Tropes:

  • Kid!Fic - about 100% uninterested. I’m childfree, and stories that focus on kids or have kids as a major part just don’t interest me. As an extension? Mpreg and pregnancy fic.
  • Death and tragic endings at the end of long fics - includes terminal illness fics, and fics where the characters aren’t happy and ‘no one wins’ by the end. Can’t do it. Don’t want to do it. *holds up hand* Stop and back away.
  • Cheating - completely uninterested in it as a theme, along with excessive jealousy, or any kind of jealousy really that isn’t dealt with as a serious insecurity issue (I don’t find jealousy cute, I don’t think it’s a sign of true love, and I can’t suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy an insecurity issue that has been normalised by the media- tbh I think it should be warned for in tags). Also completely uninterested in love triangles when poly exists. (By the way if jealously IS explored as a serious issue - I find it interesting again).
  • Insta-love - I want to see the connection develop, and I don’t buy ‘fell in love at first sight.’ (Unless it’s to be subversive and show how unrealistic that is once the oxytocin wears off, lol).
  • Songfics - an instant no / back-button. Thankfully not as popular as they used to be. (I can handle a quote in the notes section, but that’s it.) (As an extension, ‘script format fics’ go in here too).

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I wish I could send you some of the chocolates I am making for Masuricon. What is shipping to Australia like? (but then I would have to make sure they wouldn't melt.)

That would be awesome! But alas, shipping to Australia is pretty prohibitive, and it tends to take about 2 weeks. But more than that, home-made edibles often (not always, but often enough) get seized by customs (Australia has the strictest quarantine / quarantine restrictions in the world) - and even if they get allowed through customs, that can add an extra two months to the shipping period.

It’s such a shame, but unless the edibles are like…pre-packaged and don’t include honey and certain herbs etc. it’s just not worth sending them over a lot of the time. D:

I actually don’t think melting would be as much of an issue at this time of year, heh. Though overseas chocolate tends to melt faster in Australia than local chocolate does - because the recipe of our chocolate (even big brands like Nestle and Cadbury) are altered in Australia to make them more melt-resistant.