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Pronunciation Guide.

I just looked at my reply to the ask and realised I got Augus wrong. It’s not Augus without the ‘ST’ (the S isn’t silent, Pia, you fool), it’s just ‘August without the T.’ Like the month.

Gwyn ap Nudd - GWIN (like win) app NEED

Augus Each Uisge - AW-gous(like August) ACH OOSHKA

Nain Rouge - NANE ROOJ (will also accept BRAT)

Ondine - ON-DEEN

(Ash) Glashtyn - GLASH-TIN

Gulvi - GOOL-Vee

Dullahan - DOOL-a-HAN

Dra’ocht - DREE-ukht

Mafydd - MAH - Fidd

Crielle - Cree - ELL

Efnisien - F - Ni (rhymes with Zit) - see - N

I think that covers the hardest names/words?

And remember, you can pronounce this stuff HOWEVER YOU WANT TO. This is just for those who like to know. :)


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    Ahhh now I understand! Thank you so much, it’s all so much clearer now! Thank you :D I shall never mispronounce his name...
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    Yeah, “Yak” is actually what I’ve had to keep in mind to say it properly. It’s like… The ‘E’ in “Each” is sort of barely...
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    //*cries* I knew I was getting it wrong but I was pronouncing them how they look…to an English speaker. /shot I mean...
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    To be fair, Nudd is up for grabs, it can be Neeth, Need, Nooth, and well, you know, hahahahaha LANGUAGE. *puts head in...