Actually A Little Bit Poignant

Oh god. Oh god. FtDWR is 10 kudos away from becoming the most ‘kudos’ed’ fic in the Rise of the Guardians category over at Archive of Our Own.

Hahaha oh god when I first posted it I was ready to quit after the first chapter because I thought no one would ever want to read it.

And I still sometimes have these moments (and by moments I mean days and sometimes weeks) where I still don’t understand why anyone *does.* Oh god. I just want to bury myself under some leaf litter and stay there for a while.

Also, 400 followers. Hi everyone! This is a pretty spoiler-heavy journal, but I’m becoming better at tagging things appropriately and placing things under cuts. Er. Yeah. *waves vigorously.* I’m a big dork that lives in Western Australia. I think that covers about everything. :D

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    The best RoTG work ever.
  3. naopao said: It’s so good! I don’t just read /anyone’s/ 250k+ words fic
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    *promotes* Okay guys. So this is an amazing blackice fic that I am completely addicted to. An I love the author. So if...
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    Does it count if I gave kudos as a guest and, now that I got the invite, kudosed again? YES. *clicks clicks clicks*
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