Actually A Little Bit Poignant
In a sort of response ot the question posed to you about the person being mad at Gwyn in Chapter 13, I more just feel sorry for Gwyn. He basically did ask Jack if he was up for it and Jack said that he was. I'm not going to say that Gwyn shouldn't have seen it coming, but I'm more angry with Jack than with Gwyn. I don't see Jack in a very good light lately because he has a habit of being such a large liability and messing things up because of his emotions. He's in a tough place, but still.

You know, it’s really interesting for me as a writer, to see how people have kind of been ‘taking sides’ in this chapter. Some people are most furious at Pitch for leaving. Some people are most furious at Gwyn for putting Jack in that situation in the first place. Some people are most furious at Jack for not having a good awareness of his limits yet, and thinking he was capable when clearly like - he’s the least stable out of all of them right now.

For all that Gwyn keeps saying the Unseelie Kingdom is weak, his own team is deeply unstable. Everyone is prone to making mistakes right now, because the Unseelie Kingdom may be weak, but they still did a very good job of destabilising the Seelie Kingdom and its allies.

I have sympathy for Pitch, Gwyn and Jack. Jack has no idea of his new limitations and wants to be ready for things he’s not ready for. Not only that, but Jack now feels like he really should be involved with Gwyn more, because Gwyn has done a great deal for him. He’s aware of that ‘debt.’ Gwyn has no idea how to deal with a 300 year old frost spirit who was alone for so long, and is now dealing with symptoms of PTSD. Pitch is trying very hard to be stable, but you know, when someone is ‘trying very hard to be stable,’ they’re usually not actually completely stable.

They’re all a mess. And they all need a long holiday. And they’re all not gonna get one for a little while. So… yeah, my sympathies are split all three ways right now. I like very much that readers like yourself are ‘choosing sides,’ because I think it shows a great deal of empathy.

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