Actually A Little Bit Poignant
this was a good thing to wake up to. Oh poor confused Gwyn, Augus is catching on. Since he’s alive this time will Mafydd be more involed after this? I know he can’t come near Gwyn but messages through Augus and stuff.

If I can continue this story past chapter 4 (which will mostly depend on whether this one or the feral!Gwyn one wins out in terms of popularity or…well, time constraints mostly - I’d like to do both but I can’t work on both at the same time, so one’ll end up going on hiatus) - there’s a high chance that Mafydd and Gwyn will speak again - in person (chances that anyone will obey the letter of the law in this story are pretty slim, heh).

  1. kherron20 said: Yessss. I’ve always kinda wanted to see Augus see Gwyn and Mafydd interact. I dunno. I just really wanna see it.
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