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Anonymous asked:
Question, why in Shadows and Light did you not bring in Seraphina as Mother Nature? Don't get me wrong, I still loved the story exactly as how you wrote it, I was just curious XD. ~Witts End

Firstly, I need to tag my shit better. Lol. I know I’ve written about this before but do you think I could find it in like 38 pages of going back through the ISWF tag? Nope. That’s just painful.

Instead I’m going to copy what I wrote to a reader:

I really had *no* intention of bringing in Mother Nature from the very beginning. Like, I knew of Seraphina** (since this is a hybrid fic between the books and the movies), and I decided I wanted to do something different from the outset, which is explore grief and the idea that people don’t come back from the dead. My thoughts on the matter were that William Joyce is exploring bringing someone back from the dead (at least in his future books), and I wanted to look at a more realistic grief - Jack losing Jamie, Pitch losing Seraphina. So from the very outset I had no plans not only to not bring in Mother Nature into the text, but to not even consider it, because to my mind it would ruin the whole point of the story, which was to explore how people heal from very damaging, crippling forms of grief with love, trust and compassion. Having her be alive in this story would - to my mind - ruin what this story was trying to be.

I know a lot of people wanted to see Mother Nature, and I suppose I can sort of understand at least from the perspective of… wanting that sort of quality of death to not be true or to be undone - but this was an exploration of grief and healing from grief using - perhaps ironically, given the story’s nature - non-miraculous means.

**I know since writing FtDWR / ISWF Seraphina’s name is now ‘officially’ Emily Jane - but she’ll always be Seraphina to me. Not least because the name makes more sense in the cosmic worldbuilding that Joyce lay down in the first place.

I hope that helps. And now I’m gonna tag this post so I can find it again. Lol.


  1. kazechama said: I might be weird but I didn’t miss Mother Nature in SAL. Even after their dialogue in Book 4, I’m sure Pitch still hasn’t realised who Mother Nature is and thinks it more a hallucination than actually his daughter being alive.
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